Month: March 2017

Friends in far Away Places

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for awhile. It’s been a crazy year so far. Last year ended with a bang. I ended up reading I think about 30 self development books total for 2016. This was great because I surpassed my goal of 25. Self development is something I will continue to plan on doing because you should never stop learning and advancing yourself. I actually learned this the hard way in my life.

It actually took me awhile to realize that I wasn’t actually living, I was existing. There is a huge difference. While I had a fairly successful job, I couldn’t feel but empty inside. I didn’t actually realize this until I took an international trip with some friends of mine. I actually went some basically third world countries where the culture and standards of living are far below that of the United States. But what I learned was invaluable. It forced me to realize all the great things I had and appreciate them. The people I came across for the most part didn’t have much at all except food for the night, their friends and a roof over their head.

I was humbled to say the least. I came across some guys on my travels that were there volunteering their time in basically in a mission type effort. They were helping rebuild some run down houses that had been heavily effected by rainfall earlier that year. These guys were great. They had donated their time and resources to better and help the lives of pretty much strangers. It inspired me and motivated me to help too. I talked with them and learned they were a construction and remodeling company based out of Palm Desert CA. The name of the company is JCD Construction. They had been in business for over 20 years and they make it a nearly annual commitment to travel to a foreign land to help those in need. These guys were so good. I could tell they were professionals in their field for sure.

After talking with them, I decided to help as well. I mean I’m no professional but 2 extra hands could help out big time! Man did they put me to work, but it was all worth it. When you saw the faces of the people we helped once we were finished that alone would have been worth it. Here is basically some of our handy work when done. I know it’s no Ritz Carlton but it kept the locals safe, dry and cozy.


Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing well and just a friendly reminder to always help those in need.