Jose Visits America Pt. III

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Hey Everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer regardless of how they are spending it. It’s been great for me so far. I’ve been able to get my work done as well as spend time with one of my main bro’s Jose. We’ve been able to catch up and share some good laughs and reminisce on all the previous summers we’ve spent together. When spending time with good friends and family the world seems to slow down for me. You truly appreciate what is important, making and spending time with loved ones not material things. Material things are nice to have but the effect of them wears off very quickly. Making memories with friends last forever. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you do just as long as the company is good.

Well this was one of the those occasions. I spent my weekend helping Jose clean and clear out his in laws house. Our job was to tidy things up and do a little spring cleaning if you will. As I arrived to Jose’s parents house, I took a look around and realized wow, they have a lot of stuff. Stuff that just accumulates and starts to take up space, valuable space. It’s weird how things just start to accumulate. Things like old magazines, trinkets and just collection of miscellaneous items that just lay around the house. Jose’s father in law called and arranged a junk removal company to help us out, The guys that showed up were very helpful and were very quick and efficient. They definitely saved us a lot of time.

The junk removers hauled away old furniture, a broken TV and a bunch of random items. Once they hauled off these items, it was easy to get things looking orderly again. Even though these things weren’t mine, I could tell the relief and feeling that Jose’s parents were feeling. I could see the look of liberation on their faces. Like a sigh of relief that they could actually move around their house again. Like freedom was restored. ¬†Anyway, I helped them sweep and rearrange some of the other items around the house.

Afterwards we went out for lunch at In n Out, Jose’s favorite burger spot.

Well, I wasn’t going to argue as I love In n Out as well.

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