Jose Visits America

Jose, one of my best friends has come to visit all the way from Germany. We have shared many great memories together and basically finished growing up together. He has an incredible story that fascinates me every time I think about it.

Jose and his family came to America (Los Angeles) as Panamanian refugees in the mid 80’s. ¬†They later moved down to the San Diego area shortly thereafter and we met years later through mutual friends. His mother and father were hard working honest people raising two children, Jose and his sister Tracy while seamlessly adapting and assimilating into American culture.

We became best friends through mutual friends and very similiar interests. We both loved mid 90’s hip-hop and we often times agree and debate on what rapper has the all time best catalog. We were also very big into tech, everything from computers, phones and gadgets. Oh……and of course girls. Jose had a sense of style and charisma that always made me feel comfortable in any situation we were in.¬†

Jose found the love of his life 5 years ago. Jose, his wife Janet moved to Belgium to continue building Janet’s career in child development. They recently had their first child, Ana and have recently relocated to Germany.

I had the opportunity to live and work in Amsterdam for a summer and visit Jose and have them visit me on a weekly basis. It was the best summer ever. We went out in Amsterdam and soaked up Dutch culture. Amsterdam is an incredible city and is definitely one of my all time favorite places to go. Brussels in Belgium is also a very charming city and has it own unique mix of culture and richness. It was a marvelous experience for us both and we really got to explore European living.

Anyway they are here visiting and I am extremely happy for Jose and his family and the life they have created. I really miss our days hanging out and growing up together but I am glad they are genuinely happy and live a fantastic life overseas. I’ll be spending time with them while they are here. A couple of BBQ’s, some drinks on the town and some beach days sound like a perfect plan to get in some quality time.

Till next time.

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